Spaceship Voyager Review 2024 | Is spaceship a good investment -Update

Spaceship Voyager review
Spaceship Voyager review

Spaceship Voyager Review: In the era of 2008-2010, Australians went  through a financial crunch that crippled them to have shares in macro or traditional investment. Since traditional investment requires a large amount of money to be an asset capable of forbearing the vicissitudes of the market, they are were not at all in a state to do that.

Spaceship Voyager Review 2022
Spaceship Voyager Review 2022

With time, some shocking reports implicating a futuristic financial doom jolted the genius of the top cream into developing something that can support little investment to generate a good income. Among many applications and platforms, spaceship voyager was DEVELOPED to nurture micro-investment among the strugglers. We have dedicated this article to cast on spaceship investment review.

What is Spaceship Voyager | Spaceship Voyager Review

It is an application, originally aimed at Australians, has been developed to support micro-investment: which enables even newbies to start investing with as low an amount as possible for instance $1. This application gave two crucial benefits: One of them is that even inexperienced and poor people can invest and secondly, it extirpated the fear of losing a hard-earned and huge amount of money from the investors.

Spaceship Voyager Review

The working of this application is quite maverick as opposed to our world financial system: in which you seek a piece of human financial advice premised upon the circumstances, Voyager affords a more automated strategy to invest via its technology. However, it lessens the personalization by making it a bit automated, yet it is very much cheap as opposed to consulting with a financial advisor and this makes it an ideal choice for the newbies with a meager financial asset.  In view of its basic features, you can assess spaceship voyager performance.

Investors have three options to deposit in their various portfolios, with the capability to deposit lump sums or set up regular weekly, fortnightly, or monthly top-ups. Moreover, you can track and monitor the progress of portfolios through the application. More content is coming to cast light in this spaceship investment review article.

Spaceship Voyager Review: How do you Invest with Spaceship Voyager?

As far as how we invest in Spaceship, is concerned, this platform enables traders to invest in three variegated portfolios, each of them composed of different organizations from countries across the world like Australia, the US, China, and Argentina. But, you can not customize or modify the portfolios.

spaceship app review
spaceship app review

How Spaceship Voyager works?

Starting with the Spaceship voyager application is quite simple as it does not assign intricate or complex steps on the investor to proceed rather it itself eases applying on it.

Here are some steps to be followed to start:

  • First of all, you need to download the application: it is free to download. Or, you can also set up the account online by using the internet browser.
  • After installing the application, or reaching the website, you just simply need to enter the data in the form given and here you go!
  • Thirdly, you need to choose a portfolio among the three different portfolios, counting upon how much risk you can sustain and how much profit you intend to make from your investments.
  • Lastly, you need to link a bank account to your application so that your account can be credited for the investment and you can also get the profit. This renders transferring easy.

This might have helped you to expand you knowledge in spaceship investment review.

What are the portfolio options in Spaceship Voyager?

There are three portfolio options available and here are their details:

1-Spaceship Universe Portfolio:

This portfolio contains a living or active fund of 70-100 companies. Spaceship Voyager intends to pursue the WWG criteria. WWG criteria monitor and analyze each company’s competitive edge, future growth product, and future product. This fund is instrumental in enhancing domestic US companies like Facebook, Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, and other famed companies like Afterpay, Zip, and Seek.

2-Spaceship Index Portfolio:

Spaceship provides another portfolio option that is composed of 100 Australian shares 100 global assets. Plus, It is a [assive index fund opted using an equal-weightage index of the most gigantic organizations in relation to market capitalization. Employing an equal weightage index instead of a market weightage index helps lessen the impact of large companies and enhances exposure to small companies. This dimension of Spaceship investment review casts light on different portfolios.

Here is the range of target asset allocation for this portfolio:

  • Global large public companies 75% (70-80% range)
  • Australian large public companies 20% (15-25% range)
  • Cash 5% (0-10% range)¬†¬†

3-Spaceship Earth Portfolio:

Last but not the least, we have the Spaceship Earth portfolio that is an active fund of 30 to 50 companies that are deemed to have a positive and pleasant impact on the earthlings and their planet in different negative areas like poverty, quality education, and climate change. This fund is used for a negative screening process to exclude or forstall companies involved in activities like the following:

  • Fossil fuels
  • Animal cruelty
  • Human rights abuse
  • Tobacco and alcohol
  • Gambling

These portfolios cast great light on spaceship voyager performance as there are 3 different options

Can I customize the investment portfolios?

Unfortunately,  Spaceship investment reviews reveals that there is no option for investment portfolios. It acts as a unit trust, in which investments of other investors are gathered and then invested in the investment portfolio. You are privileged to possess units in the fund and each unit represents a commensurate beneficial interest in the asset collectively.

How much does Spaceship voyager cost | Spaceship voyager cost ?

Initially, it does not cost any sign-up fees and further, there are no fees on the $50,000 invested. Thereafter, investors have to pay a percentage of their balance exceeding $5000. You can see the fee details in the table given below. Last but not the least, there are no withdrawal, exit, or brokerage fees. Therefore, middle class people praise Spaceship voyager performance.

Fees Universe Portfolio Origin Portfolio Earth Portfolio
Fee charged on the first $5,000 invested Zero New Zero Zero
Fee charged on the balance above $5,000 0.10% p.a. 0.05% p.a. 0.10% p.a.
The total annual cost incurred on a balance of $10,000 $5 $2.50 $5

Is spaceship a good investment?

You should start investing with Spaceship Voyager in view of these benefits:


It is quite transparent enabling you to see your holdings and assets via a spaceship account.

2-Low fees:

Here, you are only liable to pay one management fee to operate a portfolio.

3-Simple structure:

You can simply opt for different portfolios using a dextrous methodology.

4-Low barriers to starting:

Here, there is no threshold amount to start. You can even start from a dollar,

5-More global and sector exposure:

The financial industry is quite vast so you can get more exposure from enhanced industry diversification.

6-Thoroughly chosen news:

You get authentic news about the companies investing in your portfolio, thereby enabling you to learn more about the business and to become more skilled.

7- Regular Investment Top-ups:

Here, you are capable of setting up a regular investment strategy to increase your investment every week. Pursuing this manner, you do not need to worry about your investments. Benefits of investing in this platform is an important aspect of Spaceship Voyager performance.      

Pros and Cons of Spaceship Voyager  

So, are you ready to download its application and start investing with this platform? Here, we are presenting some potential pros and cons so that you can have a better understanding!


  • There are no fees up to the investment of $5,000. It means that even students and middlemen can invest without paying any fees.
  • Spaceship Voyager is an easy platform for us as opposed to other platforms. It allows you to easily track your investments and profits.
  • One of the greatest features of this platform is that there is no minimum investment amount. You can step in even with a dollar or so.
  • Spaceship Voyager prevents from checking it regularly for top-ups. You can once set up the account on regular payments to invest at regular intervals of time.


  • It will charge fees on considerable amounts of investment like greater than $5000. Therefore, it is worth considering the charges before you invest a great amount.
  • Investing can this platform can include different risks: Market risk is that shares can rise or go down. Currency risk is the rapid movement of exchange rates and this can really impact your investments. The third one is concentration risk that implicates if your assets are condensed in a single class set.
  • There is a limited choice with respect to portfolios and there are only three portfolios.

Spaceship Voyager Review, intimates you of its pitfalls so that you can invest safely.

Is Spaceship Voyager safe?

According to the reviews attained up till now, it is quite to invest in this platform since there is no minimum investment and you can start from a dollar. With time, you will learn some tactics to be on the safer side and make money. In a nutshell, it is a safe and reliable platform even for beginners. It is a better yardstick to assess spaceship voyager performance.

A comparison between Raiz vs Spaceship

Feature  Raiz Spaceship
Portfolio options  It gives 7 different portfolios There are three portfolios
Trading Fees Charges a fee of $3.50 monthly Charges $2.50 per month
Key Benefits It is collectively low cost It provides an easy way to invest in Stocks
3.8/5 - (36 votes)
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