Everyone knows about Tesla, but why no one knows about a great EV maker called Rivian.

Because Rivian believes in building great Electric Vehicles and shock the people.

Rivian, founded in 2009, as a two-wheeler maker, but in 2020 it started to make Electric Vehicles.

Rivian is mainly focused on making adventure, high-performance, and off-roading Electric Vehicles.

The price of Rivian's Electric Vehicles is cheaper than Tesla.

Rivian Electric Vehicles are more powerful than Tesla and have more ground clearance.

Tesla is focused on making modern cars but Rivian is focusing on upgrading traditional design.

Both Cybertruck & Rivian are designed to do same thing like caring load, pull things, off-roading. But Rivian is more than that.

Cybertruck like exoskeleton on wheels but the Rivian is designed like a traditional pickup truck on a structure like skateboard which is more efficient.

Recently, Ford invested $500 million and Amazon $700 million in Rivian.