ACC share price in 1992 to 2024 | ACC share price history

Acc share price 1992
Acc share price 1992

In this article we will provide information of ACC share price in 1992 to 2024. Also discuss ACC share price history in various years.

Along with price history of ACC. Video is attached for ACC cement Harshad Mehta scam done in 1992.

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Acc Share Price from 1992 to 2022

YearShare price history per year 1992-2022
1992  128 Rupees
1993  146 Rupees
1994  188 Rupees
1995  221 Rupees
1996  166 Rupees
1997  143 Rupees
1998  129 Rupees
1999  111 Rupees
2000  272 Rupees
2001  181 Rupees
2002  178 Rupees
2003  168 Rupees
2004  299 Rupees
2005  371 Rupees
2006  580 Rupees
2007  1129 Rupees
2008  1039 Rupees
2009  558 Rupees
2010  988 Rupees
2011  1089 Rupees
2012  1208 Rupees
2013  1453 Rupees
2014  1121 Rupees
2015  1594 Rupees
2016  1381 Rupees
2017  1441 Rupees
2018  1858 Rupees
2019  1517 Rupees
2020  1578 Rupees
2021  1594 Rupees
2022  2258 Rupees
ACC share in 1992 to 2022 | ACC share price history

ACC share price in 1992

YearAcc share price in 1992
1992Around ₹128
Acc share price 1992

Acc share price in 1992 was around ₹128. During those days scam was done by Harshad Mehta by manipulating the share price of ACC. Share price starting increasing dramatically even when fundamentals of company was not much strong. In 1992, ACC share attracted lot of new investors because of increasing price and fake hype and demand in the market.

Acc Share price in 2021

YearAcc share price in 2021
2021Around ₹1594
Acc share price 2021

Acc share price in 2021 was around 1594 INR. which is almost 15x from 1992 share price of ACC. this company has performed so well over the period of time. Manipulation by Harshad created small troubles in the company but later on by the passage of time company become strong again and started performing very well.

ACC Share Price in 2020

YearAcc share price in 2020
2020Around ₹1578
Acc share price 2020

Acc share price in 2020 was around 1578 INR. Company displayed strong comeback after covid-19. In 2020, ACC share price was dipped to low of nearly 950 INR on 27 march when whole Indian stock market was suffering but later on ACC share price came into recovery mode and hit high of 1629 INR by the end of 2020. Amazing isn’t it ?

ACC Stock Rate in 2010

YearAcc stock rate in 2010
2010Around ₹988
Acc share price 2010

Acc share price in 2010 was around 988 rupees. In 2010 ACC share price was around 10x from the price of ACC share in 1992. This cement company has performed very well over the period of time. company understood the demand of cement and created their MOAT in it and created whole eco-system around their product.

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ACC highest Share Price

High of nearly ₹2490 (Indian currency) was made by ACC between 1992-2022.

ACC lowest Share Price

Low of nearly ₹75 (Indian currency) was made by ACC during 1992 and 2022.

Demand of Cement in India

Demand of Cement in India | ACC share price in 1992

Company overview- What is ACC?

ACC stands for The Associated Cement Companies Limited and it one of the largest cement producer in India and stands at 3rd position in manufacturing cement. It was formed on 1st August 1936 in Mumbai by F E Dinsha. In 2004, management control of ACC was taken by Holcim group which is well known swiss company. ACC is not only one company it is made by merging various companies such as-

  1. The Indian Cement Co. Ltd.
  2. The Katni Cement and Industrial Co. Ltd.
  3. Budhi Portland Cement Ltd.
  4. The Okha Cement Co. Ltd.
  5. The Gwalior Cement Company Ltd.
  6. The Punjab Portland Cement
  7. The United Cement Co. Ltd.
  8. The Shahabad Cement Co. Ltd.
  9. The Coimbatore Cement
  10. The Dewarkhand Cement Co. Ltd.
  11. The C. P. Cement Co. Ltd.

The whole above information is taken from wiki to help our user to gain knowledge about ACC as well as its share price.

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Harshad Mehta scam 1992

In 1992, major scam was conducted by Harshad Mehta by manipulating the ACC share price which results an increase of ACC share price by 4400% in few months.

During this share price increased from around 127INR to 9000INR.

Overall this scam was around 5000INR and this was listed as one of the biggest scam in history of Indian share market.

ACC share price in 1992 to 2022 | Harshad Mehta scam 1992 | scam 1992


What was the share price of ACC in 1992?

ACC share price in 1992 was 127 INR.

Who is the promoter of ACC?

Ambuja Cements, Holderind Investments Ltd and Holcim group are main promoters of ACC.

Is ACC good buy?

Yes, in last quarter company reported profit of around 448.16 Crore in Indian currency after taxes. As per experts ACC price target 2022 is around 2549 INR.

Is ACC large cap?

Yes, Acc is an large cap company with total market cap of over 37,000 crore in Indian currency.


Above tables and data display information about stock price of ACC during the period of 1992 and 2022.

Also Harshad Mehta scam 1992 was discussed above to help our user to get aware of largest scam in stck market India.

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