Why MRF share price is so high, expensive ? 打

Why MRF share price is so High? | MRF share price in 1990
Why MRF share price is so High? | MRF share price in 1990

Do you really want to know Why MRF share price is so high ? If Yes, than read this article till end. In this article you will find more information related to MRF share like MRF share price in 1990 and history.

A quick overview of MRF company: Full form of MRF is Madras Rubber Factory and they are 6th largest tyre producer in the world and largest in India. Company came into lime light because of its quality products and its high share prices.

Why MRF Share Price is So High?

MRF share price is so high because of less numbers of shares and company has never split any MRF share to reduce the price of share. At present one MRF share is over 74,000 rupees which makes MRF share most expensive share as well.

Why MRF share price is so high | MRF share price in 1990
Why MRF share price is so high

Which is the Costliest Share in India?

MRF is the costliest share in India. Currently it is trading over 74,000 INR. MRF share is costlier because they never split their shares and their market capital is huge.

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Will MRF Touch 100000?

Yes, in near future it can touch 100000. On 10 Feb 2021, MRF share price hit its all time high of 96,000 INR and news was circulating that it will touch 100000 soon but later on it falls down. Fundamental of MRF share are very strong so, still it can be assumed that one day in future MRF share can break its all time high again and will make a new high of over 1 lac rupees.

Is Investing in MRF Good?

Yes, investing in MRF is good because of many reasons like, MRF is one of the popular and top notch brand of tyres in India and their quality is amazing and people trust on their products. If you check historical data of this share, MRF has outperformed stock market due to its ROI and strong fundamentals. Being an expensive share, stock has gained a popularity as well, people love to hold MRF share just to flex that yes I hold 1 MRF share. Overall, everything is good with this company at the moment so investing with long term vision is safe and good in MRF.

Can I Buy 1 Share of MRF?

Yes, you can buy 1 share of MRF. simply you need to open an trading account with any broker and then you can easily buy 1 share of MRF. But stay cautious with this stock as it is very expensive share in market and could have more volatility which can cause massive loss to you.

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Who Holds Most of MRF Shares?

MOWI Pvt Ltd holds most of MRF shares they are popular hedge fund company. MOWI Pvt Ltd holds 12% shares of MRF and rest of the shares are under the holdings of some large share holders and general public.

what was MRF share price in 1990

YearMRF share price in 1990
1990Around 5 rupees
MRF share price 1990

MRF share price in 1990 was approximately 5 rupees, and now in 2022 its over 74,000. this stock has become multi-bagger for long term holders. Lot of initial investors has become millionaire just because of this gem stock.

Why Mrf share price is so high? | Mrf share price in 1990


In above post we discussed about Why MRF share price is so high? and also discussed MRF share price in 1990 as well along with sheading some light that is it good to invest in MRF share or not and can I buy 1 MRF share or not. We hope that you liked this article. We recommend you to visit out other pages about Indian stock market to enhance your knowledge about investing.

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