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Is dhhf a good investment
Is dhhf a good investment

 What is DHHF ?

It is an cheaper alternative to VDHG and it is good for beginner level or advance level investors to get into this and start their investing journey. Growth potential is very high in DHHF as very cost effective ETFs are part of this and these ETFs have 100%  allocation with shares.

DHHF ETF is a combination of small to mid and mid to large size of companies from all around the world which means they are fully diversified.

Chart – DHHF ASX


What are the main benefits of investing in DHHF ?

  • Potential of high growth- Fast growing with high potential of growth companies are a part of this ETF. so their are high chances of quick growth.
  • Diversification- Large number of global exchanges as well as more that 8,000 listed companies are part of this ETF, Which means this ETF is highly diversified.
  • Cost effectiveness- It has lowest fees as compared to all their ETFs in Australian market, management fees for DHHF is 0.19% only for a year.

How to buy DHHF etf ?

  • It is very simple to invest in DHHF Simple you need to go on any ASX trading platform then search by using ticker code authorised by ASX DHHF.
  • After finding the exact etf, Hit on buy button.
  • Simply buy it by paying using your credit card or bank details.
  • It is very easy to buy this etf, its like doing online shopping

Also their is no minimum investment required to buy Dhhf etf.

What are DHHF holdings or asset allocation ?

Main sectors in witch betashares dhhf is mainly invested

Financials 19.4%

Information Technology




Consumer Discretionary






Communication Services


Consumer Staples


Real Estate




*Above data is taken from official website of Betashares

Top 10 DHHF holdings

Rank Stock Allocation
1 CBA .ASX 3.36%
2 CSL .ASX 2.48%
3 BHP .ASX 1.96%
4 Apple Inc.(AAPL) 1.74%
5 NAB .ASX 1.71%
6 WBC .ASX 1.7%
7 Microsoft Corp.(MSFT) 1.66%
8 ANZ .ASX 1.45%
9 MQG .ASX 1.26%
10 WES .ASX 1.17%

What are pros & cons of DHHF ASX ?

Pros of ASX dhhf

  • Emerging market exposure
  • Price is cheap
  • Fully Diversified
  • Opportunities of DRIP
  • Australian product

Cons of ASX dhhf

  • Large number of Australian companies are part of this ETF
  • Less or almost no past returns
  • Some companies are on standby, never move

Does ASX: DHHF pay dividend ?

Yes, it pays dividends. Nice ayeee???

  • Dividend yield was 2.07% in 2021
  • Dividend is paid quarterly
  • DRIP is their for DHHF dividend

Technical analysis of ASX: DHHF

Lets do VDHG vs DHHF

Before comparing both we would like to tell you more about VDHG then we will VDHG vs DHHF and give final review. SO,

What is VDHG ?

Well VDHG is ETF created by Vanguard. to make this ETF, 7 very popular Vanguard fund was blended together. People love this ETF as an passive investing etf and this VDHG etf is very popular worldwide.

What are 7 vanguard funds of VDHG ?

  1. Vanguard Australian Shares Index Fund (Wholesale)
  2. Vanguard International Shares Index Fund (Wholesale)
  3. Vanguard International Shares Index Fund (Hedged) – AUD Class (Wholesale)
  4. Vanguard Global Aggregate Bond Index Fund (Hedged)
  5. Vanguard International Small Companies Index Fund (Wholesale)
  6. Vanguard Emerging Markets Shares Index Fund (Wholesale)
  7. Vanguard Australian Fixed Interest Index Fund (Wholesale)

What is the VDHG fees ?

Fees of VDHG is 0.27% yearly, which means if you have invested $10,000 in year 2022 then total yearly VDHG fees will be $27 only.

What are returns or VDHG performance ?

Well average return for last 10 years for VDHG is around 12% pa and little over 7% for last 15 years. Massive return was noticed in 2021 which was over 26%. Overall, VDHG returns are very good that’s why everyone loves to invest in VDHG.

VDHG vs DHHF comparison

VDHG vs DHHF Comparison

Comparison VDHG (Vanguard) DHHF (BetaShares)
Equity Allocation (Growth) 90% 100%
Bond Allocation (Defensive) 10% 0%
Australian Equity Allocation 36% 37%
Global Equity Allocation 54% 63%
Management Fees (MER) 0.27% p.a. 0.19% p.a (0.28% p.a. effective cost)
Hedging Yes No
Constructed with ETFs or Managed Funds Managed Funds ETFs

Which one is better

Well both dhhf and vdhf have strong fundamentals and they both have performed very well in pre &  after covid-19 market. Allocations for both ETFs are done very smartly to make them stand out of the crowd. Both are in demand and high growth potential.

So from our side their is a green light for both. if you have more money go for VDHF and if you have less money to invest then go for DHHF. simple and easy.

Alternatives of VHDG & DHHF

Best alternatives to both of these are A200 and VGS as these both ETFs have exposure to Australian companies and international companies. Some more alternatives are FAIR and ETHI.


DHHF ASX is top notch ETF fund and it is very diversified as well as its cost is cheapest as compare to other ETFs in Australian market. Moreover, doing VHDF vs DHHF helps in making a mind of investor that where he or she should invest, also as per our suggestion both ETFs are great.

If you know or you are searching about ETF’s then you must know about share market as well. so we had publish a list of Best lithium shares that you can purchase in 2022 for better growth as well as we have publish list of top 3 Crypto’s that you can buy for massive gains.

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