Is Dexit Finance Legit? Or Is Dexit Finance A Scam? – Is Dexit finance Safe ?

Is dexit finance legit
Is dexit finance legit

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What is Dexit finance coin?

Dexit finance: DXT has got really great potential and this coin is doing something completely unique. It is fully compatible with EVM and supports smart contracts functionally today most of the blockchains do not incentivize smart contract developers for their contribution to the network. They have the lowest gas fees in the finance smart chain.

Dexit finance is a brand new upcoming exchange and it is a one-stop shop for crypto. They are soon going to have yield farming as well as staking on their platform. Dexit crypto isn’t just limiting it to swapping only which is really cool. Analysts think this project will make you great money even 10x to 20x in the near future (but this is not our financial advice). With cheaper gas fees than other protocols, this is definitely going to go long term.

Current Dexit finance DXT coinmarketcap is $6,766,067.50

Coin market cap while writing this article. Taken from

Is Dexit finance legit?

Well, it’s hard to say that DXT is legit or not but as per their website, social media handles, and people talking about them on their telegram channel, seems a genuine project. The thing will be more clear in the future.

Check Dexit finance website and their social media accounts here Twitter, LinkedIN and Telegram group with over 5,000 members

How to purchase a Dexit network?

  • Simply create a trust wallet account.
  • Go to the wallet and click on apps on the bottom.
  • Click pancakes swap and hit connect and connect it with exit finance.
  • Add the exit token contract address and select dxt.
  • Set slippage to 10-20% and enter the amount you want to swap.
  • Hit and confirm swap and wait for 2 mins. Congratulations you are now holding exit.

Below Video explanation is given on how to buy dexit finance, is it legit or how big is Dexit Network.

Dexit network crypto price today| Dexit network Prediction

While writing this, Dexit Finance’s price is $0.003246 USD and future price predictions for DXT token in 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 is very bullish and as per some websites it will be 10x of the current price.

Key features and development

  • The next Gas fee is less than other competitors.
  • The team is totally transparent and doxed core.
  • Dexit Finance will give you minimum staking rewards.
  • Novel governance machine.
  • Anyone can participate in it with a true stake of proof.
  • Yield farming system.
  • Nfts market partnership.
  • Cross blockchain and partner pools.

Dexit network coin ecosystem

The maker and taker deposit their tokens into the dxt crypto contract. Maker creates a signed order that includes the trade data then dxt crypto confirms that the maker’s account has sufficient balance and then the order is added to the order book. Then the takers do the same and submit the same order with the same price.

Then the order book is updated and both traders are ready to make new trades based on this. This transaction is submitted to the blockchain by a unique address. When the transaction has been mined the maker and taker both can easily withdraw their funds.

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Dexit network coin drawbacks

Excessive Costs

Currently, and for the foreseeable future, sending transactions on a blockchain network is relatively expensive. Centralized exchanges provide a high-quality experience precisely because they minimize the interaction with the underlying cryptocurrency networks. Network transactions are only required upon deposit and withdrawal, which means that all trades are executed without incurring transaction fees paid to miners.

Limited scalability

Trading on the Ethereum network also limits the scalability of such systems. The Ethereum network is limited in capacity and can only process approximately five DEX trades per second.

Limited assets

DEXs are primarily based on Ethereum and they are only able to interact with ETH and other Ethereum tokens. Smart contracts can only interact with assets deployed on the same network. This limited set of assets hurts DEXs when competing to become a trader’s primary trading venue, as Bitcoin accounts for more than 70% of the crypto trading volume.

Is DXT coin a good investment?

Yes, as per experts future of this coin is very bright and it can reach $0.01 in 2022-2023, if not than for sure in next crypto cycle.

How do I get a DeXit on trust wallet?

Simply login to trust wallet> Add funds in BNB form > Copy DXT wallet code > Add it to pancakeswap> than swap BNB for DXT token.

How do I sell my dexit coin?

In trust wallet, login to pancake swap then simply swap DXT token to BNB and withdraw it in you bank account.

How to buy dexit finance: DXT

Dexit finance | How to buy dexit finance

Conclusion of DXT

Even though the majority of crypto assets are built on decentralized exchanges these days but some of the trade happens in the centralized exchanges dexit finance (DXT) or call it dexit network gives a solid solution to this where users don’t need to surrender themselves to the exchanges. This is the next-generation decentralized exchange.

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