Raiz investment review 2024 | Is Raiz a good investment- {UPDATED}

raiz invest review
raiz invest review

Raiz investment review: In the past, Australians have observed a forceful decline in their economy that obliged them to tailor new methods of earning money. According to some studies conducted by the researchers, the new Australian generation may face an impending financial decline. In view of this situation, Australians veered towards micro-investment as traditional investing can jeopardize hard-earned money; plus, people did not have enough money to invest traditionally.

To cope with all this precarious situation, a micro trading application known as Raiz has been introduced. People are investing in this application to earn some passive income. We have dedicated this article to cast light comprehensively on how this application works and what are its details. It is basically a article.

So, let us start without further delay for best raiz review.

Raiz investment review: What is Raiz?

Raiz investment is an application, targeted at Australians, has been designed to allow investment even with a small number of funds. It was developed in February 2016.

This fetching application enables its users to invest in pre-made portfolios even with a meager amount of 5$. Basically, it gathers investments of small amounts regularly and then forms bigger wealth. Raiz shares a resemblance with applications LIKE Uber and Airbnb. We must be conversant with the working of Uber as it allows drivers to connect people who need any sort of conveyance; just as it works, Raiz mediates an easy connection between people having spare cash with  Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). ETFs gather this investment and invest in a variety of shares and aim to generate profit. This is the Raiz investment scheme.

Working and Operability of Raiz:

Application “Raiz”  features a highly user-friendly interface and experience that eases the process to operate the application. Here is a succinct digest of  how you can invest in Raiz. Following is the Raiz investment methodology:

1-Deposit money:

Raiz users have three different options to add money to the Raiz investment account.

The three investment options are the following:

  • Round-ups:

In this deposit option, Raiz rounds up the money by adding some amount and then invests it.

  • Lump-sum:

It is just like investing what you have in your bank account.

      3Recurring deposits:

          This option allows you to fix or allocate a fixed amount of money to be deposited in the Raiz account on a daily, weekly o monthly basis.

Choose a custom portfolio

After choosing the investment, you have to opt for an investment portfolio. Investment portfolios are of six choices to opt for: Moderately Conservative, Moderate, Moderately Aggressive, Aggressive, and Emerald.     

What is Raiz Portfolio?

Every portfolio consists of variegated allocations of the same ETFs based on varying degrees of risk. These portfolios have been expertly designed to adapt to and achieve different goals in view of your acceptable risk and the time you intend to stay in the market. You also have the option to change your portfolio whenever you want without paying any extra fees. These portfolio helps to expend Raiz investment to generate profit.

What is raiz referral code ?

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Raiz investment review: What are Raiz ETFs?

Basically, an ETF is a financial fund that Raiz uses to trade on the exchange. Similarly, ETFs may have different compostions,  they may be made of stocks, bonds of combinatoion of these two.


When you have earned some money after passing some with the money being investment You can easily withdraw your funds without paying any hidden or obvious fees. But, you will have to wait for a span of 5 days to attain the withdrawal.

3-What is Raiz Investment?

Raiz uses the money deposited in your accounts to invest in different shares or in different portfolios, as discussed above, to generate money.

4-Raiz Fees:

Although it is free to create an account on Raiz, it charges some sorts of fees from the users which are as follows:

1-Maintenance Fees:

Firstly, Raiz charges you maintenance fees whenever you deposit money in the investment account. In case, you opt for a risk-based portfolio or the Emerald Portfolio,  It will likely charge you a $3.50 monthly fee if your balance is below $15,000. Similarly, a custom portfolio charges a tad more fee of 4.50$ per month if the balanced deposited is below $20,000, while investors of Sapphire portfolio will have to incur a cost of $3.50 irrespective of their account balance. In a nutshell, this is one type of Raiz fees.

2-Account Fees:

While trading in Raiz, if you have a balance in the account of more than $15000, it will not charge the monthly insurance fee like other insurance such as jwellery insurance, home insurance, car insurance etc. instead it will charge a meager fee of 0.275% yearly, per month. It means, for instance, if you own $20,000 in your account, you will pay 55$ per year. Likewise, the same fee is charged to all other portfolio types. However, if you are working in a Sapphire portfolio, you will incur a fee of 0.275% account fee apart from the maintenance fee.

3-ETF management fees :

You might have noticed in the above paragraphs that Raiz is quite upfront in its fees and charges. Similarly, you should be aware that ETFs also charge their management fees. So, they charge a collective fee of 0.04% per year, which is equal to $20 per year on the balance of $50,000.

These are the three types of Raiz fees for maintaining your account.

  Raiz Q/A

A famed website approached the CEO and Director of that, Mr. George Lucas to gain some insight into the user experience of traders. They asked him some questions and got answers in such away.

Q1: What is the advantage for self-directed investors in employing Raiz for investment? What advantages does Raiz give in relation to its competitors?

 Ans: He answered that” Raiz is definitely not a product. We prospect that self-directed investors employ with their other savings and investments. It is all about investing a small amount of money in regular intervals to gain some profit without negatively impacting their lifestyle. Moreover, He affords a great opportunity to the users having the small investment to earn capital with time.

Q2:-How will you prove that investing small amounts can literally bring any change? 

Ans: You can deem Raiz a digital coin jar intended to fill with money. If you sign with and get full features., it will oversee or monitor the spending of your credit and debit cards you have for shopping. For instance, when you spend $3.50 on one of your cards, for example on a subway, a fraction of it, e.g. $0.50 will be invested. Plus, when these small investments make a profit of more than 5$, you can withdraw it easily from the linked bank account to your Raiz account.

Enticing features of Raiz:

Here we are presenting some fetching features of Raiz that will lead you to invest in it: If you aim to have a Raiz Investment, you are likely to enjoy these features.

1-It is good for beginners:

One of the core reasons for Raiz gaining some much popularity and prominence is that everyone can use it without being so much expert in trading. Contrary to other investment platforms, where you need a gigantic amount to start with, He gives a priceless opportunity to even invest from 5$.

2-Fractional Investing:

A great and verily key feature of this investing Platform is that it allows its users to buy fractions of ETFs compared to the amount of money you possess in your opted portfolio.

3-Regular Savings:

Raiz ensures you that regular smaller investments can lead to a larger wealth in the future. Given the automatic round-up feature,  you can contribute money as many times as you want.

4-Withdraw Freedom:

Raiz gives unlimited deposits and withdrawals irrespective of the time frame. You can deposit and withdraw whenever you want.

Raiz investment review: Is Raiz for Kids?

Besides youngsters and aged people, the Raiz kids feature allows you to deposit money in an investment account for your kids who are below the age of 18 years. Plus, the Kids is not a separate account and rests within your main account. You can opt yourself what percent of your top-ups should in invested in that account for your kids.

Pros and Cons of Raiz application:

You can have a better insight into this investment application having reading this section.

Pros   Cons
This investment platform affords a great desktop and android experience. Its notifications do not interrupt and annoy you at all. It charges a bit high fee even for low-account balances. For instance, if you won a balance of 250$, a charge of $3.50 will badly impact your investment.
In this application, you do not need to fill out long and tedious forms. It is quite simple to deposit and withdraw money. He always poses some risk factors for the investments. That implicates that you could lose a handsome amount of money if the market crashes.
Offers great customer support, you can seek assistance whenever you want without any tedium. You are enabled to invest in desired different stock markets.
  Raiz also gives rewards to its users in the form of some cashback or shopping discount. Only individuals can invest in this platform.

Raiz investment review: Is Raiz safe

Up till now, a lot of users have given satisfactory reviews about it. According to them, Raiz possesses an Australian  Financial Services License therefore even if anything bad or disastrous happens., the traders will not become completely bankrupt. Because of increasing security threats, it has also developed a strong security setup. In a nutsehll, it is quite a safe platform. Therefore, you should have a Raiz investment.

Raiz vs Spaceship

Feature  Raiz Spaceship
Portfolio options  It gives 7 different portfolios There are three portfolios
Trading Fees Charges a fee of $3.50 monthly Charges $2.50 per month
Key Benefits It is collectively low cost It provides an easy way to invest in Stocks


Above mentioned was the complete raiz review or explanation about raiz investment. if you want to learn more about investing read free book which is rich dad poor dad from our website as well as if you are in Australia and looking for tax tables then checkout our investing section for latest post related to tax.

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