Roboape (RBA) token review 2024 | How to buy roboape | is roboape token legit or scam?

RoboApe (RDA) token price, chart - Is roboape token legit, scam, safe
RoboApe (RDA) token price, chart – Is roboape token legit, scam, safe

Summary: In this article we will provide complete information about upcoming token which is ROBOAPE (RBA). We will discuss that how to buy roboape token and also discuss that is roboape token legit or scam?

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What is Roboape (RBA) Token?

Roboape is an another meme token created on ETH platform in crypto space. Main reason behind creating this token is to provide more and more services to the community instead of making profit by founders. this token will give more to its users as compared to what it takes from its users. DEFI platform will be provided by this token to crypto fans and lovers. What roboape will provide to their users:

  • Roboape Academy – This will be a free platform from roboape to their users to learn and enhance their knowledge about cryptocurrency, DEFI, Metaverse , WEB 3.
  • Roboape charity games and events- To make this world better place for living and to help others roboape will participate heavily in charity events and games.
  • Roboape community driven- Community is the main focus of $RBA token and they call their community members their APE’s. So, in any decision making APE will be considered and team will listen to them as well as they have rights to raise a voice as well.
  • Roboape merch- In enhance market hold and to make large community special merchandises will be made.

Roboape Ecosystem

For creators For Developers
Host Exclusive EventsPlatform Improvements
Graphics, Animations and Memes,Developing Smart Contracts
Educational ContentApplication Development
ROBOAPE (RBA) token ecosystem for creators and developers
  1. Roboape Finance: Being a de-fi coin their are lot of opportunities to generate, interact, manage finances in fashion of decentralization.
  2. Burning Mechanism: Transaction fees used on RDA platform will be used as half in burning token and half in returning to user wallets.
  3. Roboape NFT marketplace: Community of Roboape can mint NFT on RDA platform and can hold, sell those NFTs in form of Roboape cards.
  4. RoboAPE eSports: To improve gaming experience and standards, their will be regular gaming contents for roboape community.
  5. RoboApe Swap: Roboape will become bridge between blockchain networks for cross-chain swaps or transactions of tokens or coins.

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Roboape Roadmap

Roboape (RDA) roadmap | Roboape token is legit, scam, safe?
Roboape (RDA) roadmap

Roadmap of Roboape is divided into 5 phase where in 1st phase they are launching their website as well as starting marketing. In their 2nd phase, they will create bridges, NFT mining, DEX, CEX listings. In 3rd phase, RDA will launch academy, swap options. In addition to this, In 4th and 5th phase roboape finance will do charity events, launch merch, rebranding, community governance, NFT marketplace and new community initiatives.

Roboape token details

Token TickerRBA (Erc-20)
Total Supply900,000,000
Initial Price1 RBA = 0.006173 USD
Pre-Sale17 May, 2022 – 11 August , 2022
Launch Date11 August, 2022
RBA To Sell270,000,000
Currencies AcceptedBTC, ETH, XRP, BNB, USDT, SOL, DASH, TRX & more
Roboape finance token details

Roboape token presale

Currently, its hard to buy roboape on any exchange, it can only be purchased from its running pre-sale. You can register for pre-sale here. Only 900,000,000 RBA will be issued during pre-sale stage. Pre sale will run from 17 May, 2022 – 11 August , 2022 after launching RDA it will be available on various exchanges than you can buy it straight-away.

Roboape (RDA) token distribution

Area of distribution Percentage
Exchange Listings18.9%
Reserve Capital16.7%
Founders & Team13.3%
Dev Wallet5.6%
Community Fund (De-Fi, Staking, Rewards etc)4.4%
Advisories & Partners5.2%
Charity (Community Choice)3.2%
Token distribution of RoboAPE : RDA
  • Tokens of Roboape team will be locked for first 3 months
  • Token of advisors and partners will stay in lock for 12 months
  • Reserve capital token will also locked for 12 months.

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Is RoboApe (RDA) legit ?

At the moment, we cant say anything because they are new in market, as well as we are not able to see any founders information on their official website. we are constantly checking that who is behind this project, once we find out the faces then we can reach to a conclusion that robloape is legit or not.

Is RoboAPE finance scam ?

Currently we cant say anything, we are waiting for Roboape team to update their whitepapers with team information and faces behind project. Once things are clear with clear picture of founders than we can find out that this project is scam or not.

Is RoboApe ($RDA) safe ?

Its hard to say that are they safe or not. we are waiting to see the faces behind this project, overall this project is looking promising but we cant finalize that roboape is safe or not.


On which blockchain network Roboape is built?

Roboape is built on ETH (Ethereum) blockchain network.

During token generation, How many RBA tokens will be available?

900 MILLION tokens will be available during token generation.

What is the price of Roboape token during presale?

It will start at 0.006173 during pre sale and keep on increasing when bought every time.

How to buy Roboape token ?

Currently its not on any exchange, it can only be purchased through Pre-sale option at their official website.

Where to buy Roboape token?

It can be purchased on roboape official website at the moment after launch it will be available on various exchanges for public trading means for buy and sell.

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Roboape token ICO

Only 270,000,000 RBA will be issued during pre-sale stage and this sale will run from 17 May 2022 to 29 Aug 2022.


So, overall in this article we discussed that how to buy RDA (Roboape finance) coin, we also discussed that is roboape legit or scam. We hope that you really enjoyed this information about $RDA. We also recommend you to explore our website and checkout other posts on upcoming token as well as you can get information of stocks, NFTs and metaverse on our website.

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