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Best crypto to buy in 2022
Best crypto to buy in 2022

Lets being.. Hope you are exited to know Best coins to buy now in 2022

Cryptocurrency coins is on everyone’s mind is which crypto should I buy and where should I invest? Crypto has been really crazy this year with so many price movements and so much crypto news. Market has been just booming and blowing and you have to make this time in the crypto market when you can make most of your money.

Cryptocurrency coins
Cryptocurrency coins

By now I think we all know how the crypto market works. We will have a whole bunch of hype in the space and everything is going up and then all of sudden it all goes down and this is the right time when smart people come in and use this to their advantage. So, do yourself a favor and buy these cryptocurrencies in 2022 because they have so much potential and their price is going to be skyrocketing before 2025. There is an alternative of buying crypto called crypto airdrops to win free crypto. We will talk about what these coins are, why I chose them and what are their future plans.

Quant Network (QNT)

QNT: First crypto coin that I think has so much potential is definitely QUANT coin. It is soon going to replace swift in the era of finance and all other major coins in it’s way. Quant is one of the best end game tokens and it’s new release over ledge 2.1.5 is going to change everything in the crypto ecosystem. I suspect that a utility driven market is around the corner and 2022 is truly the year when this coin is going to shine.

The aim of this crypto coin is to lower the gas fees of ethereum and over ledger networks which is the backbone of this crypto which is absolutely insane. It is currently sitting on 194 dollars and in 3,4 months we are about to hit 40,000 addresses and it is pretty remarkable. QNT crypto will be priced more than $1,000 in a few years.

Unizen (ZCX)

ZCX: It is an ethereum based crypto project and it has just hit it’s all time high which is the reason I chose it. It is the world’s first smart exchange for digital assets. It is extremely growing because of the expanding ecosystem. The unizen crypto token native powers the ecosystem used for multi-asset staking , trading fees, governance and ZenX access.

High liquidity is achieved through liquidity with centralized binance. This crypto allows stakers to obtain shares of exclusive sales. The price of this crypto is going to be $6.64 USD from now. It is going to be 2x higher next year from where it is now and it will go upto 14.45 USD.

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Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange (LCX)

Best LCX: lcx token sale manager is the most advanced and fully compliant token for any crypto platform sale regardless of whether it is a utility or security token. Lcx crypto is very profitable and reliable for the future and according to many analyses done it will go upto $0.2526922 in the next 2,4 years and it will grow massively in 2025.

Lcx cryptos plan to take over the crypto world. its exchange will be bigger than binance according to my prediction. They are developing a new type of standard as well. The new token standard is blockchain agnostic and it will be implementon a variety of public blockchains.

AllianceBlock (ALBT)

ALBT: This crypto token came out of nowhere and it is making very impressive partnerships and it has got a massive roadmap. Alliance block protocol consists of 3 layers. As per alliance block internet regulations are dynamically written into machine logic within the smart contract there. This crypto makes all action pre-authorise. In alliance block token they’re doing so much to bridge the gap between DE-FI and traditional finance.

We really like this idea and love the team behind it. The market cap right now is only 230 plus millions so the opportunity is so much. ALBT is ready to do 100x and I can’t see where it will be in the next 3,4 years.

VectorSpace AI (VXV)

VXV: Vectorspace AI is an awakening. Gant and gem that is going to have huge impacts on the crypto market in the next year 2022. This alt coin is building investing vehicles. It works by taking data sets which are on-demand and correlation matrix data sets. Finds hidden relationships in data and training in artificial intelligence.

This is going to be a massive project in the crypto world and 60 million dollars. Fully dilute market cap is very undervalue for what vxv is going to do for a lot of companies. The price prediction from now till 2025 will be a high of $35.17.


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