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How to Make Money on Youtube
How to Make Money on Youtube

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Are You Exited to Make Money ?

How to Make Money From Youtube is a truly exceptional platform that allows creators from all over the world to not only share their ideas and work with the public but also we are living and earning because of it. Do you want to start your own channel and make money or perhaps you already have one and you are wondering how you can make it a hobby , a steady job.

Major youtube channels earn from their videos and work and it’s a decent anointing of money so if you are seriously thinking of making YouTube your main source of income where should you start?

How to start your own YouTube channel?

First thing you need to do is to make your own channel if you haven’t already. The magic of YouTube is that your channel can be almost anything you can make short and meaningful cartoons, sing or share your lifestyle. The options are endless. Your YouTube account is basically the same as your google account and you can either use it as it is or you can create a new one.

Choose your YouTube channel name carefully because the more complicated it is the less chance there is that you can make big money from it. Choose something easy and memorable. The more people find your channel the better it is to make money online so always choose your keywords connected to your content in the advanced settings.

How to create and post the best videos?

Now that you have created a YouTube channel it’s time to work on your content and upload it. You have to find your own topics and discover your unique lifestyle. Try not to make your videos too long and always make your YouTube videos short. You want them to keep being intrigued by every second. Of Course nothing happens overnight your YouTube videos also need some time to grow.

How to monetise your videos?

The next step is to monetise your YouTube channel. Just go to my YouTube channel, click on the video manager link, click on the channel again and choose to enable monetisation. From now on YouTube will play ads on your channel and you will make money. Don’t be shy to share your videos and interact with the audience more often to keep traffic on your YouTube channel. Don’t forget to set up google adsense so that you can get your money.

How to use YouTube analytics?

It is basically your feedback along with the comments that people do on your YouTube channel to help you learn which topics really resonate with your audience and vice-versa. Every youtuber checks it regularly. And if you are still building your audience pay attention to those numbers and graphs.

They can tell you pretty much everything about your YouTube viewers and subscribers. And if one of your YouTube videos goes viral you can get your dose of profit. Simply speaking you can license your content and in exchange for money.

How to start selling your merchandise on YouTube?

You can even start selling your merchandise on YouTube once your channel becomes prominent. Of Course this takes even more effort and work but it is extremely rewarding for both the excitement of your subscribers and let’s be honest with your bank account and with cool merch you can get even more subscribers as people will ask others about your cool stuff. More people will check out what you are all about and in return you will get more money and more audience. There are tons of freelancer websites that can help you with that like fiverr and many others.

Just search for more information on any question you have and take some time to think about it. Now that we are on the topic of selling things you can also sell other people’s products on your YouTube channel as an affiliate marketer. Even huge companies like Amazon and ebay offer good deals to affiliate marketers promoting their products.


So to put it briefly all you need to make your channel big on YouTube is hard work, determination, creativity and belief in yourself. Just like with any other job out there. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Start to share your ideas and turn your hobby into your dream job.

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